Embark on an inspiring beauty journey with ICONIQUE, a true pioneer in the realm of beauty innovations. From the very beginning, we have been driven by a passion to revolutionize beauty, head to toe, and have since become a trusted leader in the industry. Our commitment to providing stress-free and easy-to-use beauty products, along with personalized skincare approaches, has earned us the loyalty of countless clients.

With every passing year, we evolve and grow, continuously striving to offer the latest advancements in beauty. Our dedication to excellence has led us to select only the finest cutting-edge technology and services, ensuring that the ICONIQUE experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Our products and services are carefully crafted to deliver outstanding results, leaving our cherished clients feeling confident and beautiful.

As we look to the future, our vision remains unwavering. We are driven by the desire to create the best for our valued clients, and we diligently seek out talented individuals who share our passion. Together, we are united in our goal to bring a revolutionized beauty experience to customers worldwide.

Join us on this magnificent journey, and together, let's embrace the beauty of transformation, one step at a time. Welcome to Iconique, where beauty knows no bounds.


Welcome to the extraordinary world of Iconique Skin Care, where we are dedicated to elevating your beauty to new heights. With a relentless passion for innovation, we proudly offer upgraded skin treatments, advanced skin care products, and cutting-edge skin care devices that encompass a wide spectrum of solutions, from skin lifting and tightening to powerful anti-aging defenses. At Iconique Skin Care, we go beyond the ordinary, delivering deep skin care experiences that are truly unmatched in the industry.
What sets us apart from other skin care clinics is our unwavering commitment to accuracy. We provide a service that is rarely found elsewhere – an accurate analysis of your skin. By understanding the unique needs of your skin, we can tailor our treatments specifically to you, ensuring the best possible results and a personalized approach to your skincare journey.

Our revolutionary approach to skin care is the culmination of years of tireless research and development. We have not only crafted high-quality products but have also perfected the devices and machines used in every treatment. This meticulous attention to detail and continuous innovation guarantee that you receive the most advanced and effective skin care solutions available, creating a transformative experience like no other.
At Iconique Skin Care, skin care is more than just a business; it's a way of life. We are fueled by a profound passion to help you achieve healthy, radiant, and youthful skin. Our team of skilled professionals is devoted to providing you with an all-encompassing experience that goes beyond surface-level treatments. We firmly believe that when you look and feel your best, you can confidently take on the world.


I suffer from acne scars and this was the only product to lighten and brighten my skin! Thanks ICONIQUE


I love their range of easy to use at home skin care devices!

Sam Pinto

I loved my ICONIQUE Skin Care Products. They help to defines my jaw line and smoothens my skin.

Glenda Peroso

I have tried many treatments with many different skin care clinics but nothing compares to ICONIQUE!

Jane Cabal

Simply the best skin care products! Thanks so much ICONIQUE




Known for its discerning consumers, Switzerland was the perfect market for Iconique Skin Care to showcase it's natural and scientifically advanced skincare offerings. The brand's presence in Switzerland has elevated beauty standards and demonstrated the effectiveness of holistic skincare, garnering a loyal following and reshaping beauty care practices.

Shopping-Raststätte A1, 5436 Würenlos

Bahnofstrasse 98 Zurich 8001

Seidengasse 18, Zürich, 8001


Iconique Skin Care's influence in Germany has been instrumental in reshaping the country's beauty landscape. By emphasising the importance of sustainable beauty practices and natural ingredients, the brand has inspired Germans to embrace a more conscious and holistic approach to skincare, transcending traditional beauty norms.


Iconique Skin Care's presence in Bulgaria has introduced a new era of skincare, where personalisation and effective ingredients reign supreme. By offering personalized beauty solutions and combining nature and science, the brand has reshaped the way Bulgarians approach skincare, embracing the transformative power of Iconique's products.


In the beauty-conscious Philippines, Iconique Skin Care has made a significant impact. By offering revolutionary products tailored to the unique needs of Filipinos, the brand has empowered individuals to take control of their skincare journeys, fostering a sense of self-confidence and redefining beauty standards in the country.

Greenbelt 5 - Ground Floor, Legazpi Street, Makati, Metro Manila

Century Mall Makati - Ground Floor, Century Mall Makati, Kalayaan Ave, Makati, Metro Manila

Resorts World - New Port, Pasay City, Metro Manila

SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Metro Manila

Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Paranaque City, Metro Manila

Ayala 30th Mall - 30 Meralco Ave, Pasig City, Metro Manila

PARQAL - Paranaque City

Edsa Shangrila Mall - Elite Skin Perfection

SM North Annex - Elite Skin Perfection

Trinoma Mall - Aqua Mineral from the Dead Sea

Gateway Mall - Aqua Mineral from the Dead Sea

Robinsons Malate - Aqua Mineral from the Dead Sea


Iconique Skin Care's presence in Russia has been nothing short of transformative. By introducing advanced formulations and a holistic beauty approach, the brand has empowered Russian consumers to embrace comprehensive skincare rituals and experience the transformative effects of Iconique's revolutionary products.

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